Started small in 1856, active world wide in 2014

Many years of expertise in packaging and disposables and a global (knowledge) network ensure the right answer to every packaging question.

Extensive knowledge of markets, products and materials

Converted into differentiating and branch-specific packaging solutions in the fields of sustainability, user convenience and product perception.

Eco-Innovation in our research centre

We want our CSR policy to make a practical contribution to society. As the human race we are currently dealing with global problems, such as explosive population growth, exhaustion of natural resources and climate change. The best way for us to make a contribution is via the products we market on a daily basis. We must strive to do what is economically good but also, at the same time, less harmful for the environment. More info?

packaging solutions & services

PThe PACOMBI GROUP is an international player in the field of packaging and disposables. Within the Group several packaging companies, each with their own specialism, work together. Our main objective: the clustering of synergy advantages. Purchasing, logistics and knowledge-sharing advantages from which you, as a client, also reap the maximum benefit. Favourable prices, extremely high delivery reliability and a total range of packaging and disposables, virtually always available from stock.

But also, first and foremost: the most innovative packaging solutions. Together we command a wealth of knowledge about markets, products and materials. This knowledge is converted into differentiating packaging solutions in the fields of sustainability, user convenience and perception by our special Designing & Styling department. We have the right answer to every packaging question. An answer in which quality goes without saying. We monitor our suppliers extremely closely to ensure they comply with stringent quality demands. The PACOMBI GROUP itself has also been awarded all the required quality certification.

Vision and Mission

The PACOMBI GROUP is a leading international player in the field of packaging and disposables. We are active in diverse markets including foodservice, retail, industry, agriculture and horticulture. We strive for long-term relationships with our clients and suppliers during which we work together to find innovative packaging solutions. We want to achieve growth while, at the same time, reducing the pressure on the environment. For us this means looking not only at our business processes but also, and primarily, at our range of packaging. We are striving to be the leaders in the field of packaging & the environment/environmentally-responsible packaging.


To achieve leadership by making a difference for and with our clients. Through creative enterprise and constant innovation in the areas of the environment (eco-innovation), materials and technologies. In our services provision: a focus on e-commerce, on further internationalisation and on maximum knowledge-sharing. By thinking differently, and doing it differently: with eye-catching, functional and, first and foremost, environmentally-responsible packaging that will make a difference.

Our core values

 Constant innovation with a view to reducing pressure on the environment increasing, user convenience and enhancing product perception.

 The continuous optimisation of our services related to our offering, advice and accessibility.

√ Quality goes without saying; we work with and fully comply with all the required quality certification.

 Transparency of our business for clients, employees and suppliers.

 We inspire our clients with differentiating packaging solutions via Designing & Styling.


An international player in the field of packaging and disposables, with offices and partnerships around the world.

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Key figures

Sometimes a number says more than a thousand words. What’s our company’s current position? How is our company doing at the moment?

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Knowledge of specific markets enables us to develop targeted packaging solutions. In which markets are we active?

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From garbage bags and coffee cups to stretch film and bags. Which products do we supply? See our top-10 product groups.

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We supply our products via wholesalers and directly to the end users.

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Product groups

Packaging comes in all shapes and sizes. We have geared/tuned our range to the markets in which we are active.

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We stand out through constant innovation. We develop packaging solutions aimed at functionality, user convenience, brand perception and minimum pressure on the environment.

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Within our Group we work with a number of renowned own brands. All quality brands with which clients are assured of an outstanding packaging product.

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Three winners in the PACOMBI GROUP

Three winners in the PACOMBI GROUP

Halma, Depa and Paardekooper win Out.of.Home Awards in the Non-Food Category The Out.of.Home Awards (formerly the ‘Golden Partner Awards’) focus on the relationship between manufacturers and trading partners. Manufacturers are evaluated by their business relations in respect of a range of aspects including return, cooperation and consultation, contribution towards revenue and promotional support. During a festive ceremony on Thursday 26 June 2014 the PACOMBI GROUP was presented with three awards. ‘An exceptionally high-class performance’, was the way our wins were described […]
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Press release

Press release – Peter van Leeuwen (PACOMBI GROUP) rounds off his career

Oud-Beijerland, 2 February 2016 The PACOMBI GROUP is announcing that Peter van Leeuwen will be stepping down as its Managing Director Commercial as of the middle of 2016. Van Leeuwen has worked in the packaging industry for over 36 years. For 34 of those years he has worked for the Van der Windt Group and the PACOMBI GROUP. Peter van Leeuwen is known in the packaging branch as an extremely experienced self-made man who has worked his way through every stage of the profession. […]
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Press – release – TVD Europe now fully integrated into the PACOMBI GROUP

Oud-Beijerland, 2 February 2016 As of 1 February 2016 the activities of PACOMBI GROUP subsidiary TVD Europe have been fully integrated into two other Group subsidiaries – Depa Disposables and Van der Windt Verpakking – and the trading name TVD has ceased to be used. This is the final step in the integration that has been implemented in phases since the acquisition of TVD in May 2014. The physical relocation of TVD’s logistics and offices in Wijchem to the PACOMBI […]
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Press release – Jurgen van Krevel is the new PACOMBI GROUP CEO

Oud-Beijerland, 27 januari 2016 The PACOMBI GROUP is announcing the appointment of Jurgen van Krevel (46) as the Group’s CEO as of 1 March 2016. Van Krevel’s previous position was CEO of confectionary manufacturer Concorp (products include Autodrop, Oldtimers and Fisherman’s Friend). Van Krevel’s appointment follows the decision of the PACOMBI GROUP’S Managing Director, Martin van Es, to take a step back. Although Van Es is resigning as Managing Director as of 1 March he will continue to fulfil an advisory role within the […]
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